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Judge Smith, Songwriter, Composer and Performer, has been making innovative, unusual and entertaining music since the late '60s, when he co-founded the influential band
Van der Graaf Generator.

Judge Smith Photo by, and courtesy of, Katie Vandyke


This CD is Judge's setting of the Latin Mass for the Dead. Written in 1975 but unrecorded until now, over 40 years later. Judge's Requiem Mass is a major piece of symphonic, choral, rock music, and is one of his most significant achievements.
In addition to his work as a composer and recording artist, Judge is now also a published author, writing not about music, but on the subject of the paranormal, a subject in which he has long been interested.
Judge's 11th solo release is an album of songs, and only his third full-length collection of songs in twenty years. Featuring the spectacular arrangements and production of David Minnick, and some amazing American musicians, 'ZOOT SUIT' is perhaps Judge's most accessible and downright entertaining album to date.
'ZOOT SUIT' is available as a limited edition vinyl LP, released by specialist vinyl label 'Plane Groovy' on heavyweight white vinyl, numbered and signed.
Judge's third Songstory is a retelling of the ancient myth of Orpheus, the magical musician who travels to the Land of the Dead in search of the lost Eurydice; a remarkable story told with remarkable music, performed by seven separate ensembles, each playing an entirely different kind of music.
CD of Judge’s second Songstory; the absorbing tale of an English mountaineer in the Italian Alps, featuring Norwegian male-voice choir The Fløyen Voices and truly memorable music. Link to articles, reviews and free downloads.
A collaboration featuring Judge & American artist Steve Defoe, L-RAD present 'Long Range Audio Device', an outrageously strange and bizarre album that, once heard, is never forgotten.
The Tribal Elders, a new band with familiar faces, present a very special two-song CD Single, and the Elders have chosen to Rock.
An instrumental album of uniquely relaxing melodic music, composed in consultation with a professional masseuse. Ideal for massage, meditation or relaxation. Link to free downloads, article, and interview.
A DVD of a very special concert at Guastalla on 8th October 2005. Link to free downloads and illustrated article.
An 'un-plugged'-style album of Judge's unique and memorable songs. Link to lyrics, free downloads and illustrated article.
Judge's massive double-CD work of narrative rock music. Link to description, samples, and the pdf-archive of curlysairships.com, the extensive and acclaimed website for this extraordinary project.
Judge's first solo studio CD. These tracks have been re-mastered by David Lord and are currently available, in this considerably improved form, as a download from the iTunes Store.
A collection of vintage demo tapes, including music and performances by Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and David Jackson. This CD is no longer available.
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