This musicography is a virtually complete list of all Judge Smith’s musical activities.
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Judge’s Own Music, As Solo Artist, Band Member, Or Composer

Democrazy (1991, CD on Oedipus Recs., THEEBS001)

Solo album, 7 titles by Smith, 4 titles by Hammill/Smith, 4 titles
by Banton/Smith, 2 titles by Hutchinson/Smith, 1 title by Watson/Smith,
1 title by Robshaw/Smith, recorded 1968-1977.

A collection of vintage demo tapes, including music and performances by Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and David Jackson.

This CD is no longer available.

Dome Of Discovery (1993, CD on Oedipus Recs., THEEBS003)

Solo album, 12 titles by Smith, recorded 1993.

Judge’s first solo studio CD. These tracks have now been re-mastered by David Lord and are currently available, in this considerably improved form, as a download from the iTunes Store.

(You need to have iTunes installed to use the link and to buy the album.)

Curly’s Airships (2000, double CD box set on Masters Of Art, MASTER101)

Solo double album (Songstory), 26 titles by Smith, recorded 1994-2000.

Judge’s epic songstory about the Imperial Airship Scheme and the R 101 disaster of 1929. With Hugh Banton, John Ellis, Peter Hammill, Arthur Brown, Pete Brown, David Jackson, Paul Roberts.

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The Full English (2005, CD on Labour Of Love, 761119-01705-1)

Solo album, 12 titles by Smith, recorded 2004-2005.

Album of songs recorded in an ‘un-plugged’ style with John Ellis, Michael Ward-Bergeman and René Van Commenée.

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Live In Italy 2005 (2006, DVD on Labour Of Love, 761119-02205-4)

Concert DVD, 13 titles by Smith, 1 title by Hammill/Smith, 1 title by Robshaw/Smith, 1 title by Hutchinson/Smith, recorded 2005.

DVD of a concert in Guastalla, Northern Italy, featuring John Ellis, Michael Ward-Bergeman, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi & Marco Olivotto.

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The Vesica Massage (2006, CD on Masters Of Art, MASTER102)

Solo album, 7 titles by Smith, recorded 2004.

Instrumental solo album of melodic music, created as an accompaniment for Therapeutic Massage.

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The Light Of The World / I Don’t Know What I’m Doing (2007, two-song CD
Single, with The Tribal Elders, on Masters Of Art, MASTER103)
Single, 2 titles by Smith, recorded 2007.The Tribal Elders, a rock band featuring Judge, David Jackson, John Ellis, Michael Ward-Bergeman & Rikki Patten. Judge produces, and performs as Band Member.

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Long-Range Audio Device (2008, CD, with L-RAD, on Masters Of Art, MASTER04)

Album, 11 titles by Smith/Defoe, 1 title by Chamoix, recorded 2006-2007.

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The Climber (2010, CD, with The Fløyen Voices, on Masters Of Art, MASTER105)

Album, 9 titles by Smith, orchestrated by Michael Brand / Ricardo Odriozola, composed 2005, recorded 2009. For Solo Voice, Male Voice Choir and Double Bass.

Judge’s second Songstory; the absorbing tale of an English mountaineer in the Italian Alps, featuring Norwegian male-voice choir The Fløyen Voices and truly memorable music.

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Orfeas (2011, CD on Masters Of Art, MASTER106)

Album, 34 titles by Smith, recorded 2010.

Judge’s third Songstory is a retelling of the ancient myth of Orpheus, the magical musician who travels to the Land of the Dead in search of the lost Eurydice; a remarkable story told with remarkable music, performed by seven separate ensembles, each playing an entirely different kind of music.

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Zoot Suit (2013, CD on Masters Of Art, MASTER107)

Album, 14 titles by Smith, recorded 2012.

Judge’s 11th solo release is an album of songs, and only his third full-length collection of songs in twenty years. Featuring the spectacular arrangements and production of David Minnick, and American musicians.

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Requiem Mass (2016, CD on Masters Of Art, MASTER108)

Album by Smith, recorded 2016.

This CD is Judge’s setting of the Latin Mass for the Dead. Written in 1975 but unrecorded until now, over 40 years later. Judge’s Requiem Mass is a major piece of symphonic, choral, rock music, and is one of his most significant achievements.

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The Garden of Fifi Chamoix (2017, DVD on Masters Of Art)

DVD by Smith, recorded 2013 – 2017.

‘The Garden of Fifi Chamoix’ is a Film-with-Music, and it is Music-with-a-Film. It was shot between Spring 2013 and Spring 2014, in the extraordinary garden that Fiona Lindsay had created, over the previous sixteen years, behind her cottage in Hampshire, featuring a prominent musical score featuring David Jackson on Saxophones, flutes and whistles, and John Ellis on Guitars and Electric Ukulele

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As Performer Of Other Writers’ Material

People You Were Going To / Firebrand (1969, vinyl single, with Van der Graaf Generator)

Single, 2 titles by Hammill, recorded 1968.

The first record released by Van der Graaf Generator. Judge performing (Vocals & Slide Saxophone) as Band Member.

Spirits Burning – CD ‘Starhawk’ (2015 Gonzo Multimedia)

Judge sings on three tracks:

  1. Our Crash
  2. Stellar Kingdom
  3. Tripping With The Royal Family


As Writer or Co-writer of material recorded by other

Van der Graaf Generator – Killer (1970, on album H to He Who Am The Only
By Hammill/Banton/Smith, recorded 1970.
Van der Graaf Generator – A Plague Of Father Christmasses (first broadcast
29 Dec. 1971)
By Smith/Hammill/Van der Graaf Generator/traditional, recorded 14 Dec. 1971.
Peter Hammill – Imperial Zeppelin (1971, on album Fool’s Mate)

By Hammill/Smith, recorded 1971. Judge’s version is on Democrazy.

Peter Hammill – Viking (1971, on album Fool’s Mate)

By Hammill/Smith, recorded 1971. Judge’s version is on Democrazy.

Peter Hammill – The Institute Of Mental Health, Burning (1974, on album
Nadir’s Big Chance)
By Hammill/Smith, recorded 1974. Judge’s version, on Democrazy,
is titled The Institute Of Mental Health.
Peter Hammill – Been Alone So Long (1974, on album Nadir’s Big Chance)

By Smith, recorded 1974. Judge’s version is on Democrazy.

Lene Lovich – The Fall (1978, on a three-song Single)

By Smith, recorded 1978.
Also on later CD re-issues of Lene’s album Stateless.

Peter Hammill – Time For A Change (1979, on album pH7)

By Smith/Robshaw, recorded 1979. Judge’s version is on Democrazy.

Lene Lovich – You Can’t Kill Me (1980, on album Flex)

By Smith, recorded 1980.

Lene Lovich – What’ll I Do Without You (1980, on album Flex)

By Smith, recorded 1980. Judge’s version is on Dome Of Discovery.

Not The Nine O’Clock News – Gob On You (1980, on album Not The Nine O’Clock
By Smith, recorded 1979-1980.
Mel Smith – Greatest Hits (1981, single)

By Smith (as Rodney Beham-Guinness), recorded 1981.

Not The Nine O’Clock News – Gob On You (1982, on live album The Memory Kinda Lingers)

By Smith.

Peter Hammill – Four Pails (1986, on album Skin)

By Hutchinson/Smith, recorded 1985, from the musical The Ascent Of Wilberforce III.

Soda Stereo – When The Shaking Is Passed (1986)

By Cerati, Spanish lyrics translated by Smith.

Peter Hammill – The Fall Of The House Of Usher (1991, CD on Some Bizzare,
By Hammill/Smith, recorded 1990-1991.Opera by Peter Hammill, libretto by Judge Smith from the tale by Edgar Allen Poe. Performances by Peter Hammill, Andy Bell, Sarah-Jane Morris, Herbert Grönemeyer and Lene Lovich.
David Jackson – The House That Cried (1993, choral work)

By Jackson/Smith, recorded live 1993. Judge also performs as ‘The

Chaos UK – Gob On You (1999, on album Heard It, Seen It, Done It)

By Smith.

Peter Hammill – The Fall Of The House Of Usher, Deconstructed and Rebuilt
(1999, CD on Fie!, fie9121)
By Hammill/Smith, recorded 1990-1999.A revised and re-mastered recording.


Stage Musicals

The Kibbo Kift (premiere May 1976 – Traverse Theatre, for Edinburgh Festival)

By Hutchinson/Smith.

2nd production 1977 – Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

Geraldo’s Navy (1978)

By Hutchinson/Smith.

Commissioned by Hampstead Theatre (Michael Rudman & David Aukin) but not produced.

The Ascent Of Wilberforce III (premiere 1981 – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

By Hutchinson/Smith.

2nd production 1982 – Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith.

Mata Hari (premiere 1982 – Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith)

By Lovich/Smith/Chappell.

Twinkle (premiere 2007 – The Anvil Theatre, Basingstoke)

By Jackson/Smith.


Chamber Opera (Songstory)

The Book Of Hours (premiere 1978 – The Young Vic Theatre, London)

By Smith.


Classical Libretti

Samson (premiere 1977 – Royal Albert Hall & BBC Radio 3 – Score published by Novello)

Composer Joseph Horovitz.

Other performances:
1979 – Southwark Cathedral, London.
(date?) – Bakewell Church, Derbyshire.
1998 – Denmark (for Danish National Radio).
2003 – Lucerne, Switzerland.

Pioneer 10 (premiere 1992 – University of Warwick Arts Centre)

Composer Michael Brand.

2nd performance 1996 – University of Warwick Arts Centre.
3rd performance 1996 – Symphony Hall, Birmingham.


Large Scale Works, as yet unperformed

Requiem Mass (published 1975, the cd Requiem Mass was recorded in 2016)

By Smith / Orchestrated by Michael Brand.

For Rock Band, Choir and Brass.



The Song Is Ended (1965-1967, premiere 1967 – National Film Theatre)

Written & Directed by Smith.

The Brass Band (1974, premiere 1976 – Paris Pullman Cinema, London)

Written & Directed by Smith.

Silver Medal, 1976 – Le Touquet Film Festival.
Gold Medal, Best Humorous Film, Best Original Music, 1976 – Huy Film Festival, Belgium.


Other Music for Film and Theatre

Son Of Man (1973, recorded theme song for play ‘Operation Iskra’ by David Edgar)

By Smith/Hutchinson/Edgar.
For Paradise Foundry Theatre Company (1973 tour).

A Way Of Life (1976, theme song for film ‘A Way Of Life’ – Director S. Clarkhall)

By Hutchinson/Smith.
For Sidhartha Films (Film for Health Education Council).