Old Man In A Hurry



This is a new album of unrecorded songs. It contains one or two numbers dating back to the 1970s, others far more recent and some on which the ink is barely dry. Two songs were co-written with composer Maxwell Hutchinson, including ‘FOUR PAILS’, previously known from the Peter Hammill’s 1986 recording on his album ‘Skin’.

The album features important contributions and performances from David Jackson (whistles, flutes and saxophones) Guitarist, John Ellis; Vocalist, Dorie Jackson; Pianist, Robert Pettigrew; Guitarist, Steven Hargraves; and Cellist, Helen Lunt.

Robert Pettigrew, the pianist and arranger who accompanies me on ‘FOUR PAILS’, was the leader of the two-man band who first performed this song, forty years ago, in the musical ‘The Ascent Of Wilberforce III’

The sound-world of ‘OLD MAN IN A HURRY’ is varied and curious. Those of you who like my music are used to surprises, and this album has plenty of those. You can hear samples of every track below. Check it out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

‘OLD MAN IN A HURRY’ is on the ‘Masters Of Art’ label and comes as a physical CD in a beautifully designed Super Jewel Box. It is also available as Streaming and Downloads from Bandcamp. https://judgesmith1.bandcamp.com/


Here is a link to an article about the album by Judge: ‘OLD MAN IN A HURRY SCRATCHES HIS HEAD’
Here is a link to a perceptive review of the album from respected music writer, Kev Rowland:-



Track 1: ‘Old Man in A Hurry’

Track 2: ‘Oh, I Know’

Track 3: ‘Four Pails’

Track 4: ‘Drop Me A Line’

Track 5: ‘Neither Here Nor There’

Track 6: ‘Bongo Cosh Boys’

Track 7: ‘Barcarolle’

Track 8: ‘Mad Daggers’

Track 9: ‘Cooee’

Track 10: ‘Do The Rock’N’Roll’

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