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This book explores the idea of ‘Life After Death’, but is very different from almost all other books on this subject. I believe that only by obtaining personal evidence of Survival can the individual come to informed and reliable conclusions about it. Unlike many ‘Life After Death’ books, it does not include endless descriptions of communications the author has received or paranormal phenomena the author has observed. I have included a few spectacular anecdotes of my own, but argue that only the readers’ personal experiences can provide their own, truly convincing, evidence. ‘The Universe Is Made Of Voices’ is a detailed and practical guide for anyone who wants to look for this evidence, safely and effectively.

I believe that anyone coming to the subject with an open mind and a certain degree of luck can discover ‘Life After Death’ to be an objective fact, and once that discovery has been made, many exciting and hugely beneficial areas of Self-Improvement, Healing and Spiritual Development open up for the explorer. I try to untangle and demystify these potentially controversial subjects in a straightforward, unmystical and essentially light-hearted way. Although I take this subject very seriously, I hope I bring a little of the of the irreverence and good humour of the rock music world to my examination of this vital question.

I believe this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to explore the unseen universe that lies beyond and behind our physical world.

‘The Universe Is Made Of Voices’ replaces and supersedes my previous two books, ‘The Universe Next Door’ and ‘The Vibrating Spirit’. It incorporates the material of those books, substantially revised, reordered and redesigned, together with a major new, and previously unpublished section.


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This link opens a .pdf file containing the Contents pages and two extracts from different sections of the book.


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To those of you who bought both of my previous books, ‘The Universe Next Door’ and ‘The Vibrating Spirit’, I would like to offer ‘The Universe is Made of Voices’ completely free of charge, except for postage. Anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact me via the Contact Page of this site, with some sort of indication of where you bought the previous books.
Those who received complimentary or promotional copies of the earlier books will, I’m sure, understand that this offer does not apply to them.

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