Towers Open Fire




TOWERS OPEN FIRE is a band featuring Judge Smith, vocals, and guitarist Brakeman, plus guest musicians. They are based in Glastonbury.

TOWERS OPEN FIRE is also the title of their first album. This is to be formally released in Spring 2020, but pre-release copies will be available here from around the 8th of January.

                  Photos by Seán Kelly (top) & Noel Dacey
TOWERS OPEN FIRE features the results of the recent song-writing collaboration that Judge has undertaken with Brakeman, whose unique open-tuned guitar technique produces musical textures for their songs that are like no other. These tracks are memorably tuneful, with literate, ingenious lyrics. This album also features the Glastonbury musicians, percussionist Tim Gallagher and ‘Cellist Gerry Barnett.
TOWERS OPEN FIRE has eleven tracks with a total running time of over 55 mins, and is presented in the ‘Masters Of Art’, military-grade super-jewelbox format with a comic-book-style 12 page booklet and full lyrics.
Limited numbers of pre-release copies are only available from this webshop, and will be SIGNED BY JUDGE AND BRAKEMAN.

For more information about the band including concert videos and gigs, see their band website

Samples from each track of the album

01. Nothing Much Matters

02. Let’s Get Strange

03. The Circular Groove

04. Been Alone So long

05. Oldthinker Unbellyfeel

06. Screeching U-Turns

07. Fighting The Long Defeat

08. Towers Open Fire

09. So Sure

10. Bring It On

11. The Drive Remains