Zoot Suit


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Zoot Suit 01 - Weird Beard
Zoot Suit 02 - I'm through
Zoot Suit 03 - Cardboard Suitcase
Zoot Suit 04 - F_ck me shoes
Zoot Suit 05 - Cannonball
Zoot Suit 06 - Zoot Suit
Zoot Suit 07 - Been alone so long
Zoot Suit 08 - Darling it's up to you
Zoot Suit 09 - Stamping ground
Zoot Suit 10 - 11 - Book of hours
Zoot Suit 12 - Ghost in the machine
Zoot Suit 13 - Rover
Zoot Suit 14 - The selfish shellfish
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Judge’s 11th solo release is an album of songs, and only his third full-length collection of songs in twenty years. Featuring the spectacular arrangements and production of David Minnick, and some amazing American musicians, ‘ZOOT SUIT’ is perhaps Judge’s most accessible and downright entertaining album to date.

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