21 January 2017 | News

Website updates

The first website devoted to my music was set up to promote and provide information about my massive project ‘Curly’s Airships’, finally released as a double CD in 2000. It was the work of my close friend and Internet guru Harry Wykes, an ‘old-school’ programmer and systems designer who dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the digital world over the closing years of the last century. Harry died, suddenly and unexpectedly, in 2005 at the age of 52, and I still miss the guy. He was a great supporter of my music and also worked tirelessly for the Kibbo Kift Foundation, a historical organization I became involved with as a result of my stage-musical ‘The Kibbo Kift’ in 1976. For examples of his classic website design, look at the archived version of the ‘Curly’s Airships’ site or the current site of The Kibbo Kift Foundation.

Before his death, Harry had also set up the judge-smith.com website to support the projects that followed ‘Curly’s Airships’. However, the website remained unfinished and was not properly worked on until 2007, when Laura Hendricx volunteered to become Webmaster, a job she carried out wonderfully and effectively for almost a decade, aided and abetted by her partner Mark Uwland. I am very, very grateful to them both. The complex workings of the Shop, which has always operated with great efficiency, were completely of her making, and she supervised our change-over to PayPal as our method of taking payment in 2012. Her last, and vital, contribution was to migrate the entire site to the WordPress platform, a major amount of work, including the creation of a new and streamlined shop, but this has enabled me to take over, more or less, the knobs and levers that make the thing go. I am also getting invaluable advice and assistance from another IT professional (and musician) Steven Hargreaves, and the website is beginning to do what I want it to do.

Much remains to be done, however. I want to greatly expand the Archive section so that it eventually becomes the online repository of all my other creative work; work, including Theater and Film, that is not available as published  CDs, DVDs or Books. I also feel a Blog coming on (everyone else seems to be at it) but first things first…

Log of Updates

‘The Strange Planet’
page and video added to Archive
19th Dec 2019

‘Towers Open Fire’
page and product added
19th Dec 2019

‘The Kibbo Kift’ Musical 1976
with full archive recordings:
Published 18th Nov 2017

‘The Kibbo Kift’ Gallery:
Published 2017/10/29

‘The Kibbo Kift’ Musical. 1976:
Published 2017/10/17

Spam Poetry:
Published 2017/10/17

Occasional Verse:
Published 2017/10/17

L-RAD Reviews:
Published 2017/10/11

‘Zoot Suit’ Reviews:
Published 2017/09/27

‘Curly’s Airships Interview with Jon Downes of Gonzo Media:
Published 2017/09/19

Live in Italy 2005 DVD – Preview:
Published 2017/09/19

Orfeas Gallery:
Published 2017/09/17

L-RAD: Lyrics And Notes on Each Track:
Published 2017/09/15

Lyrics of ‘The Full English’ & Notes On The Songs:
Published 2017/09/11

Published 2017/09/01

Published 2017/09/01